Ancient ways for a modern life

Where to start

Often we get calls and emails from people who want to learn more about spiritual practices, but do not know how to move forward with this calling or interest. Please watch the video below to get some idea on where to start.

Our program (curriculum) is designed to encourage everyone—from beginner to advanced—to engage, participate and learn. Our classes are about practice, practice and more practice.



If you are a person that wants to learn a spiritual practice or tradition, this one or any; it doesn’t matter what tradition you practice, what it matters is that you have the basic foundation exercises in order to be safe, to move forward fast and to be able to enjoy and accomplish results. We strongly recommend that you know how to master the following practices:


  • How to Spiritual Protect yourself
  • How to connect with your higher self, Grandfather Creator, God, your Angels, Spiritual Guides, Power Animals, etc.
  • How to perform a Spiritual Cleansing on yourself


If you don’t know how to do this, or what you are already doing doesn’t always work or  you need  to add new techniques to your repertory, we recommend to learn as soon as you can these 3 techniques.


We have our Spiritual Foundation Program in which we teach these 3 important things. If you already know how to do all these things then you don’t need to take any of these workshops. If you want to learn new techniques you are welcome to take them. You can take all of them or one or two. This program consists in 3 workshops. Each workshop consists in 2 full days of classes, practice and initiation at the end of each workshop.



So with all these said, where to start?

Start with the Spiritual Foundation Program



Is the Spiritual Foundation Program for me?

You know if you need to take this program if:

– Sometimes your sensibility to feel is calibrated in the “too sensitive” setting

– Or you may be learning how to “feel” energies and still don’t know when to be open and close and getting too many headaches

– Or you may be absorbing too much energy making difficult sleeping at night

– Or maybe the opposite, not knowing what exactly you are doing and draining yourself without control and feeling exhausted after your practices

– Or as much as you do everything right, you are not able to feel energies, to communicate with your spirit guides, power animals. Not able to see colors, auras, etc.


What if you need to start from “zero”?


We have a wonderful program in which we start from the super basics that many times are overlooked. How to set up an altar that really works, How to pray, How to communicate with your Spirit Angels and Power Animals, etc. The name of this program is Shamanism, Curanderismo and Mother Earth (SCMT).  It consists in 10 classes and the program is offered once or twice a year. This program also includes the basic techniques that we teach in our Spiritual Foundation Program but we don’t teach them so deeply. If you can, take both programs or if you are a person that likes to go deep into understanding spiritual practices.


In our Shamanism, Curanderismo and Mother Earth (SCMT) some classes are mandatory because you will learn specific techniques to help you in your spiritual development and  that you need to know in order to perform certain ceremonies that we do during the program. Other classes are optional because it is up to you to learn things like how to perform a Curanderismo Fire Ceremony, etc. This is an ongoing workshop so if you skip a class you can take it in the future. As you can see the program is very flexible.


Both programs: Spiritual Foundation and   Shamanism, Curanderismo and Mother Earth (SCMT) include theory, how to use spiritual tools, spiritual practices and exercises. The practices are to increase your spiritual strength and to learn how to do ceremonies.


After the completion of either program, students are eligible to move forward to the next step. This is the “Curanderismo Initiation Workshop”. This is the entry point into becoming an advanced student and practitioner.


Curanderismo classes Fresno


*To read detail information about our different programs and classes please visit our classes and workshops list page. We are still catching up and adding information. Please check weekly



If you are more “just curious” and want to know what all this is about?

We have different classes, workshops and ceremonies that you can participate in which you don’t need to be a regular student. For that, you can join our Meetup groups “Shamanism & Curanderismo” to find an event in your area (or you can go to our calendar)



Alternative Formats

What if I do not live close by? We are working to develop ways to share this information with everyone who wants to participate. We are developing an on-line foundation course, and we also offer condensed class in Retreat format, to be taken in one visit. Our retreats so far have taken place in California, Arizona, Hawaii, Mexico and Costa Rica. If you are interested in a retreat, you can find out more information here.


Are you more of a one on one person?

Private classes, mentoring, consultations and retreats are available too. To set this up, please contact Paloma directly. 


Paloma Cervantes La Curandera

Paloma Cervantes is a Mexican Shaman or Curandera born and raised into the tradition. Working as a Curandera since 1986. She writes, teaches and practices Shamanism, Curanderismo, Spiritual Herbalism and Ancient Healing Traditions. Send her an email at or or call her Cell at 559-593-8766.