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Sedona May 2017 – Curanderismo Retreat with Paloma Cervantes

Reprogramming the Mind with Curanderismo


Spiritual Retreat Details

  • Retreat type: Spiritual Workshop and Curanderismo Fire Ceremony
  • Retreat name: The Path of (Khan) the Sacred Serpent: Reprogramming the Mind
  • Instructor: Curandera Paloma Cervantes
  • Dates: May 5 to 7, 2017 – May 8 (optional)
  • Places: Cottonwood and Sedona, Arizona


In this workshop, we will explore various mental patterns we have embedded in our minds that are blocking us from expressing our fullest potential. We will learn to change these patterns using traditional Curanderismo techniques, which will include a number of meditation exercises, identifying ancient archetypes, and approaching the mind in the way the brain “talks”.  We will discuss things such as our attitude towards work, love, parenting, success, etc. This workshop will be “eye opening” and “life changing” as you will learn to uncover and face your blocks. It is not always the easiest thing to do but it is definitely essential if we are to evolve as human beings on our spiritual paths. The result can be liberating and amazing!


This teaching comes from the Mayan tradition in which I was taught. The Path of Khan, the Sacred Serpent, is about awakening the “Sacredness” within us in order to become a better human. It is the snake in each of us growing our wings in our spiritual path to evolve into Khan, the sacred winged serpent. This class is part of a series of workshops known as “Awakening the Sacred Serpent”.


Our workshop will begin with a Fire Ceremony in the Curanderismo tradition and an introduction talk on Friday evening in a Private Residence in Cottonwood, AZ. Saturday and Sunday will begin with an easy to light moderate hike and we will have our class outdoors in Mother Nature in beautiful Sedona, Arizona. Each day will be at a new location.



Who is invited

Everyone is welcome; you don’t need to know anything just to be willing to improve your life



Spiritual Retreat in Sedona AZ



Each day we will work reprogramming 5 patters that we have embedded in our mind to create awareness. This is not “magic”, Curanderismo is not “magic”. Curanderismo is a way of living our life with awareness and practicing exercises that improve our quality as a human being, so be prepared to face your “Real You” and to make an effort to change what you don’t like about your discovering.




Workshop Details and Agenda

Day 1: Friday May 5 at 6 pm at a private residence in Cottonwoood, AZ

We will start with an Introduction to The Path of (Khan) the Sacred Serpent workshop followed with a Curanderismo Fire Ceremony to let go what not longer serve us and a potluck


Day 2: Saturday May 6 

6:30 am: Super early breakfast so we can we at the trail early

8:00 am: Hike and workshop in Sedona

11:00 am: Lunch

12:00 pm: Free time to explore Sedona, go hiking, shopping or resting

4:30 pm: Workshop at Cottonwood residence

6:30 pm: Dinner


Day 3: Sunday May 7

6:30 am: Super early breakfast so we can we at the trail early

8:00 am: Hike and workshop in Sedona

11:00 am: Lunch break. We are going to have lunch in Nature. Bring your lunch

3:00 pm: Free time to explore Sedona, go hiking, shopping or resting

6:00 pm: Dinner and Flamenco Show at Sedona (optional)


Day 4 (Optional): Monday 8

Sunrise Ceremony in the mountains


*This is the plan if the weather allows us; if it is too cold or hot or raining we will go indoors



What to bring and Spiritual Tools needed

Bring portable chair, a blanket to lie down, water, lunch and snacks, hat, sunglasses, sunscreen, something to cover your eyes during exercises like a bandanna, a rattle, prayer mix or tobacco, a rock or crystal to empower in the altar, notebook & pen. If you have one please bring your Portable Altar




They are not included in the price of the workshop. Please do your research about camping places or hotels in Cottonwood or in Sedona




Not included, if you know someone that is going, please make arrangements with that person



Meals and other expenses

Not included, please bring enough money for your meals and personal expenses including the Flamenco Show. Some of us are buying food as a group and we are going to cook together. Simple things like salads and sandwiches. Let us know if you want to be including in preparing our own meals.



Students info

The final details are here



curandera beliefs


Paloma Cervantes is a Mexican Shaman or Curandera born and raised into the tradition. Working as a Curandera since 1986. She writes, teaches and practices Shamanism, Curanderismo, Spiritual Herbalism and Ancient Healing Traditions. 



IMPORTANT NOTE: Paloma is a Shaman who does not use any hallucinogenic plants, brews, ceremonial tobaccos, etc. Please do not use these or cannabis prior to her events.


Contact information


Cell: (559) 593-8766 (text is better)


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