Ancient ways for a modern life

S&C Center - Meditation and Wellness Center and Paloma Cervantes

S&C – Meditation and a Wellness Center is a place to heal mind, body and spirit. A safe place to share knowledge, explore alternatives, learn about Ancient Healing Traditions, Shamanism, Curanderismo, Herbology, Empath Developing Training, gain self-awareness, grow, heal, express creativity and learn how to celebrate life in a happy and loving way. Everyone is welcome in our center. We offer classes, workshops and private sessions.

  Our center is located in the Central Valley Area in California

Address:  5321 N. Fresno St. Suite 106C, Fresno, CA 93710


Phone: 559-593-8766

Hours: We teach classes in different cities and in Mother Nature so the center is open when we teach in town or when we are around

We offer classes, workshops, events and private consultations, mentoring and classes in English and Spanish.

*Contact us for more information

S&C Center with Paloma Cervantes