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Curanderismo Services with Paloma Cervantes


Although our focus is more to teach you how to make your own rituals and ceremonies, many times the help of a Shaman or Curandero to resolve conflicts and problems of the soul is needed. That is why we offer some services through the internet.

Here is a list of services and consultations. The ones in red color are ready. You can click on the name for information and prices. If it is not red it means that the description is not ready but we do offer it. If you do not find what you are looking for, please send us an email at


Services and Consultations

long distance and in person



Questions by email

• Phone consultation

• Recipes and spiritual formulas

• Complete process of specific Rituals, Ceremonies or Procedures. Example: How to clean the house from negative energies, job blessing ritual, protection, etc.

• Opening Ceremony. Removing obstacles when life is stuck

• Spiritual Growth Ceremony

• Protection Ceremony

• Abundance Workshop

 Prayer & Healing Requests

• Spell and dark energy breaking Ceremony

• Soul Recovery or Soul Retrieval Ceremony

 Spiritual Evaluation Ceremony

• Releasing unwanted Spirits Ceremony

• Energy Clearing Ceremony

• Healing Ceremony

• Energy Balancing/Chakra Alignment

• Cutting the Cords or attachments Ceremony

• Spiritual Training

• Animal Communication lessons

• Angels and spirit guides communication lessons


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In most of our long distance works, it is required on your side to make a small ceremony to attune or vibrate at the same frequency as we do. This is for the purposes of working effectively as a team “You and Us”.  Please do not commit to a service if you are not willing to put some effort on your part because there is no refund payment.  After you pay for the ceremony or service your will receive an email with the list of things you have to do as preparation for the ceremony or service purchased.  The ceremony requirements vary somewhat but generally the requirements are simple and mostly the same for most of the works.  For example: eat light, do not drinking alcohol or take drugs, etc.


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