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I am in the translating process of my books and manuals from Spanish to English. Also from e-Books to books.

Here is a list of some of the books that I am currently working on. Those are ready and available to buy as e-books have a link when you hover over the name. Be sure to come back and check this page for updates because I am going to be adding the books that I am currently working on. Thanks.



“10 Steps to Stop Feeling Drained after a Shamanic Journey”

Shamanism practices

How many times I had journeyed and afterwards I am totally drained, exhausted and ready to take a nap. Am I doing something wrong? Aren’t we supposed to feel all fired up after a shamanic journey? Isn’t journeying such a powerful energy tool that we should feel like superheroes? If you are like me and felt this before, this –Book will give you the solution. You will learn why this is happening and how to correct it.



“Healing Yourself, Step One and Two”

Shamanic Journey


Healing yourself when you are diagnosed with an illness or big problem (“you” means the practitioner). If you are diagnosed with an illness or a big problem like a divorce, you have to approach it different from the rest of the community (AKA non-practitioners). Illnesses and problems are tests and training opportunities in a life of a practitioner.

This mini e-Book is free and it is written in plain English with easy to follow steps. At our training classes we use this e-Book as a companion to help get the most out of the book “Heal your Body” by L Hay, which is a wonderful little book.



“Spiritual Intention or La Mira”

Mexican Shamanism ebook k



“Spiritual Baths in the Mexican Shamanism or Curanderismo Tradition”


In our tradition almost every ceremony is supported and enforced with the spiritual baths. We turn this baths into a powerful spiritual ceremony. In this book to come you will find all the necessary information to understand, prepare and perform different kinds of spiritual baths.

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