Ancient ways for a modern life

Institute of Shamanism and Curanderismo

We are so grateful that technology has reached incredible ways for sharing knowledge. Although Shamanism, Curanderismo and other Ancient Spiritual Traditions are mostly oral traditions there are many things that can be taught in a safe and effective way with the help of modern ways like videos, writings, and email communication, etc.


Not so long ago our tradition, same as other spiritual traditions in the world, was getting lost. It was getting eaten by modernization and then…… a big shift happened in which many people wanted to go back to our “old natural ways”. That shift happened at the perfect timing…. Spirit Time. On one side our elders decided that we need to share our tradition in order to preserve our culture and on the other side, more people wanted to learn and put in practice Ancient Spiritual Traditions. To make a long story short, that is how our classes, workshops and mentoring became open to more people.


We call ourselves “practitioners”. Why? Because we practice what we learn. Who is a practitioner? Anybody who does energy and spiritual work to help herself or himself, family, friends, our community and Mother Earth regardless if you charge for that, if it is your profession, if you do it to earn a living or if you do to help yourself and your family only. As long as you have the basic knowledge you are consider a practitioner.


Being a practitioner means that you have some experience, even if it is a minimal experience and with that, you may also have some questions, doubts, the desire to learn more, and not to mention, the frustration and problems with your practice or with your clients or friends. In our Institute of Shamanism and Curanderismo we discuss all these things, also we teach how to overcome these problems and to enrich your practice and your life.


We said this before but it is important. From the information that we share here, please take what your heart feels is good for you. Follow your intuition and live life from a powerful, happy, loving and peaceful position.


Important things to know about Curanderismo


It is not a religion. It is a way of living life. It is compatible with any religion, as it helps to develop a higher spirituality and therefore a better experience with your own religious path.


It’s not black magic, nor the dark arts. The foundation of Curanderismo is love and respect for everything and everyone.


The practice of this particular kind of Curanderismo does not support the use of hallucinogenic drugs or plants. There are many branches or paths in Shamanism and Curanderismo. The Curanderismo that I teach is natural; it is not induced by any drugs or special preparations. You will learn a series of exercises to reach other realities without the need for chemicals that may harm your body.


And of course, like anything, it can be a double-edged sword. With these lessons you can do good or harm. That is on you, but as a recommendation think before doing anything. Think if it is for the benefit of the universe and never do anything if your mental state is not in peace. Remember, we receive the energy we put out in the world. 


If you would like to be part of our Institute of Shamanism and Curanderismo, the only thing that is required is an open heart and the desire to improve your life, and of course respect for the teachings. You can read more about the classes and workshops here. 


Disclaimer: The information given here is strictly for educational use and does not imply or express any health benefit. This information is of historical, cultural, folkloric and traditional value. Our webpage:, our store: Curandero Products and Paloma Cervantes cannot proclaim the effectiveness of the information contained in the writings and web pages, nor are they responsible for the use that the reader gives it.