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Curanderismo Study Program


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My favorite way to teach is when we start from the beginning which I call Spiritual Foundation. Many people walk different paths and sometimes there are little gaps of knowledge here and there. Also many people that are new are attracted to these practices and may have no idea and no experience at all. The Spiritual Foundation workshops covers those gaps. That is why I like to start from the beginning and also because in our tradition, Curanderismo, it is extremely important to master the foundation practices in order to become a Curandera or Curandero that can perform her or his duties with confidence and accuracy.


The Spiritual Foundation workshops covers three essential parts that are a must in every spiritual practice: Spiritual Protection, Spiritual Connection and Spiritual Cleansing.


Why is it so important to know about Spiritual Protection, Connection and Cleansing?

I notice that sometimes our sensibility to feel is calibrated in the “too sensitive” setting, or we may be learning how to “feel” energies and still don’t know when to be open and when to close ourselves. We also may be getting too many headaches, or maybe absorbing too much energy that is hard to go to sleep at night. Or maybe the opposite, not knowing what we are doing and draining ourselves without control. Or as much as we do everything right, we are not able to feel anything. All these issues are “fixable” with the proper techniques.


What I love about Curanderismo is that the practices are “real and alive”. It is not a collection of spiritual recipes, formulas and techniques. In Curanderismo we learn how to manage energy and manifest it in our lives or the lives of our family and clients.


Curanderismo Study Program Part #1

The Spiritual Foundation

It can be divided into 3 workshops


Spiritual Connection: Here we will learn hoSpiritual Connection workshopw to “feel” and “connect” with spiritual energies coming from your angels, Mother Earth, Power Animals, Spiritual guides, plants, crystals, rocks, etc.

We will also learn how to attune to those energies. Learn how to develop your trust in what you feel and how to open and close to feel energies and spiritual beings at will.


Spiritual Protection: Here we explore different Spiritual Protection techniques for different purposes. Some people protect themselves in different ways depending on the occasion.

A visit to the DMV or jail may require a different protection than going to a music concert, a night club, a family reunion or to the office. For spiritual practices, rituals and ceremonies you may want to use a different protection technique.

Spiritual Protection by Paloma Cervantes

Spiritual Cleansings: This is self-explanatory…when we play with so much energy we may “grab” some energy that sometimes is not very balance and beautiful, if that is the case we need to get rid of it.

In other occasions like when we work on a client we may grab what this client is carrying and of course, we need to dispose of that too.

In this workshop we will learn different traditional cleansing techniques. Techniques like spiritual waters (agua de fuego), cleansing with herbs (rameada), cleansing with breath (soplada), Egg cleansing (limpia con huevo), cleansing with smoke (sahumar), spiritual baths, etc.Spiritual Cleansings by Paloma Cervantes

This is a long workshop and because spiritual cleansings are many types we will go over the basics and learn how to perform a few of the cleansings, but learn and perform them very well. I offer specific workshops for each Spiritual Cleansing technique.





Curanderismo Study Program Part #2


After students finish with the Spiritual Foundation Workshops Part #1; what I usually do, is let the group decide what they want to learn next. I will give them a list of workshops to choose from. Some of the topics are:

  • Crossover ceremony – Helping the lost Souls find their way
  • Curanderismo tools and Medicine Bag
  • How to change mental programs that conflict our lives
  • How to connect with your ancestors to receive guidance and knowledge
  • How to help clients with PTSD, depression, victims of rape
  • How to prepare yourself for working with clients and their energies in a safe way
  • Mexican House Blessing techniques
  • Mexican Medicine Wheel – connecting with directions, spirits and ancestors to work as a Curandera or Curandero
  • Mexican Psychic Surgery
  • Mexican Spiritual Baths – How to preform Spiritual Baths for different spiritual purposes
  • Mexican Spiritual Cleansings – These are a series of different one day workshops in which we study very deep how to perform a different kind of cleansing in each workshop
  • Mexican Spiritual Amulets – How to prepare, active and dispose of amulets for different occasions and clients

My workshops are hands on training. I don’t believe in people collection classes and not learning how to do things. When a student feels she or he is ready to be a practitioner/Curandera and work on clients. We can set up and assessment, if the students performs well I can issue a certificate if that helps in her or his practice. This is regardless how many classes the student has taken.


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About the instructor: Paloma Cervantes is a Mexican Shaman or Curandera born and raised into the tradition. Working as a Curandera since 1987.  She writes and teaches about Shamanism, Curanderismo, Spiritual Herbalism and Ancient Healing Traditions. She offers private consultations too.