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Costa Rica with Paloma Cervantes


Costa Rica Retreat 2017

Curanderismo Medicine Wheel

and Our Ancestors with Paloma Cervantes

This is a great combination a beautiful trip to a beautiful place plus a Curanderismo workshop

Spiritual Retreat Details

  • Retreat type: Spiritual Workshop
  • Retreat name: Curanderismo Medicine Wheel and Our Ancestors
  • Instructor: Curandera Paloma Cervantes
  • Dates: September 2 to 9, 2017
  • Place: Costa Rica
  • 8 days round trip



We will stay at a small eco-friendly resort at the beach near Montezuma town in the Pacific Ocean. We are reserving several rooms and a villa with kitchen. We will have shared and private rooms. All the rooms have a beautiful view to either the ocean or the river. The workshop is going to be mostly outdoors but when it is indoors is going to be at the villa.



We have different options: We have a discount in a local restaurant. Meals are 6 to 8 dollars with tip included. The price depends on your appetite. You can also cook your food at the villa, eat at the restaurant in the hotel or in the restaurants at Montezuma which is a 10 minute walk from the hotel. We are planning to have at least breakfast at the villa. The restaurant can also pack your lunch is we are going to be away from town



  • We will have a list of optional activities and trips like hiking, horseback riding, zip lines, snorkeling, scuba diving, shopping, massage, visit to wildlife refuges, etc.
  • You need a current passport. No visa is needed
  • This trip and workshop is drug free. All our practices are done without the use of substances that alter the mind like alcohol or sacred/recreational substances. There are many paths for spiritual practices. Our path is a drug free path. Paloma is a Mexican Shaman or Curandera who does not use any hallucinogenic plants, brews, ceremonial tobaccos, etc. Please do not use these or cannabis in this trip and retreat



Curanderismo Medicine Wheel with Paloma Cervantes FB

Workshop Details

Spiritual Workshop: “Curanderismo Medicine Wheel and Our Ancestors” with Paloma Cervantes. In this workshop we will learn how prepare a Medicine Wheel or Earth Mandala. This is used for Earth Healing, to mend broken places in our planet. We are also going to learn how to connect with our Ancestors and our Ancestral Legacy and how to use the Earth Mandala to prepare spiritual Medicine for people, animals and plants.


Spiritual Requisites

  • You must know how to protect and spiritual cleanse yourself
  • You must be an initiated practitioner in the Curanderismo Program with Paloma Cervantes. That means you are initiated in PF. If you are not, and wish to join us you can take the workshops needed before September


Curanderismo Practices recommended

If you wish to learn this before we go please contact me for class schedule.

  • El Aliento
  • El Corazon
  • El Balanceo


How to dress for the workshop

Because we don’t want to draw attention to us, you can dress anyway you want. We will have only one day with our Curandero Clothes. Bring just one set of Curandero dresses or clothes, if you have, if not dress in white. (We are ordering new dresses at our store). Wear sturdy hiking shoes or hiking sandals.


Spiritual Tools Needed

As soon as you book for the workshop and send your deposit, we will ship some Spiritual Tools that are included with the workshop and are hard to find. The rest of the list is going to be email with time so you can get the Spiritual Tools.


Workshop price

The price for the spiritual workshop without the travel package:  “Curanderismo Medicine Wheel and Our Ancestors” is $1500. This includes workshop, handouts and spiritual tools that are hard to find. Once you pay your deposit we will ship the spiritual tools.


Workshop agenda

Usually our workshops are long hours of studying and practicing, this is not the case for this one. Each day we will have class, practice, time to relax, and time to enjoy and explore Costa Rica.


Student’s Area

*If you are already enrolled in this Spiritual Retreat please click here for updates and detail information


Questions??? Contact us at


Curanderismo Medicine Wheel and Our Ancestors workshop


Shamanism & curanderismo with Paloma Cervantes


Paloma Cervantes is a Mexican Shaman or Curandera born and raised into the tradition. Working as a Curandera since 1986. She writes, teaches and practices Shamanism, Curanderismo, Spiritual Herbalism and Ancient Healing Traditions. Visit her website Send her an email